Victory Farm is located in IL in the middle of farm country. We have one of the earliest established herds of Boers in IL–we have been breeding Boers since the 1990’s. We would like to invite you to meet our Boer goats.

New Additions!

65978_1497Victory Farm has added a select group of Nubian dairy goats to the herd. These goats are all CAE and CL tested negative and will be housed/maintained separately from our Boer stock until the entire herd is tested. We feel dairy goats are versatile farm animals perfect for the future and decided to diversify the herd to satisfy personal and production goals. Our Nubes are strong in the influence of Frosty Marvin and will be bred/selected for strength, elegance, beauty, and milk production. We will also handle a handful of recorded grade goats as well. Contact us in the spring for a small group of dairy kids for sale.

In the era of consumers looking for a better food product, SVF has become more diversified to meet those needs. We have been marketing meat goats for several years. Now you may contact us for fresh brown eggs or broilers raised without harmful chemicals in a more bird- friendly environment than the factory farms of today. We should have farm raised turkeys for your holiday feasts as well. And, of course, fresh goat milk and cheese is on the horizon. Contact us with your interest in any of our farm fresh, natural products.

Small, self supporting family farms are becoming a thing of the past. The know-how and hard work have been forgotten by most these days. We invite you to meet our stock and see for yourself that the old ways are still good ways! Pardon our dust and mess as we refurbish the farm.

We would like to thank all our patrons for their business in 2010. Please visit us in March 2011 to see our new line of kids!

1160591_46082989Check out Victory’s new Junior herdsires. Full SA bucks carrying lines of Venter, Trump, Gauge, Pipeline, Eggs, and Ryals. We have only chosen the best from the best does. We are very proud to have raised these bucks and believe they will move programs forward. They have been selected with all breed standards in mind. Victory Farm is devoted to breeding Tomorrow’s Champions Today!

We feel this one is Unforgettable and when you meet her you will too–she is part of our RRD bred line up. Victory Unforgettable will see you soon in the showring!

Performance and Production
Take a look at Fireball enjoying the pasture after weaning a set of triplets. No big deal right? Fireball’s litterweight at weaning was 152 lbs !!! Now that is performance that is a big deal!

We invite you to evaluate our Boer goats. We have been breeding Boer goats for 15 years now and have incorporated the best genetics from highly reputable breeders. We believe that the goat should sell the goat—not papers or ribbons or a face or shiny belt buckle. Our selection process has always been based on the South African standard for the Boer goat.

We select for:

  • production including natural estrus,
  • motherablility/milking ability,
  • growth rates
  • fertility
  • sound feet and legs
  • straight tops
  • good pigment
  • good teat structure
  • sound mouths
  • longevity

If you want goats with ennoblements in their pedigrees, we have those for you too. If you want goats with color, we have selected for that too. We have found the variety of colored goats appeals to us though the SA did not select for color initially.

Please enjoy your visit to our small farm where we are proud of the history of the South African Boer goat and are in continued pursuit of the “perfect” Boer goat for the future.